Adam Bazinet

Adam Bazinet came to the Wolfville area with a pile of amazing, original songs in his pocket, a guitar or two, and poetry that gives ya the shivers. He played the drums for Andy and Ariana, as the well as the Hupman Brothers Band, each for several years.

from Sweet Spot: Kimberly Matheson:  Sweet Spot


Amin Nasr

From an early age Amin wrote poetry, most of which were inspired by Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafiz. Poetry lead him to write songs and sing. Regardless of how busy, music has always been an integral part of his life, taking time to sing every day. He lives in Wolfville with his wife, Rebecca. His songs have been recorded by Andy and Ariana and Ken Shorley.

Sample from Let the Good New Ring: Amin Nasr:
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Happy Birthday

Andy & Ariana

Andy and Ariana’s music has been described as a  mix of gypsy, roots, jazz, and blues original music which combines Andy’s guitar, bass and beat-box rhythm section with Ariana’s vocals, violin and saxophone to create a soulful joyful sound.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: A&A:
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Every Day a Holy Day


Andy Flinn

photo: Jeffrey Dreves

Andy Flinn is of Danish and Swiss decent, was born in Canada but grew up in Switzerland. Andy has an incredible beat boxing style of mouth music and is the lead percussionist for the group.  With a background of fronting rock bands, Andy’s knowledge of different languages and well-travelled soul make him a very gifted songwriter.” (Fleur Mainville, New Glasgow News)

Sample from Valley Vibrations: Burn Your Igloo Down


Ariana Nasr

Ariana ( is a stunning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (sax, violin, accordion…). You can hear her voice on several Ruby Throated Records CD’s, including “This Place
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, for which she wrote the lead-in track “Taking the Road”, “Let the Good News Ring“.


Asa Brosius

When it comes to steel guitar (pedal steel, lap steel), there ain’t nuttin’ like Asa Brosius. Asa’s touch can can be felt on several Ruby Throated Records projects, and on recordings of artists like Rose Cousins, the Hupman Brothers, Dave Gunning, Thom Swift and too many others to list here.

Sample from Just as I Am: Orphan Child


Bruce Clarke

Bruce has long been a local favourite, singing well crafted songs, many with the theme of love or love gone wrong. His quick wit is showcased in songs such as “The Larsen’s Weanie” and “Long Johns and Leather”.  He played in the band, Slight of Hand for nine years and appeared with Steve West on the television show, New Faces. He released “Uncommon Sense” in 2013. Bruce can be heard singing at local open mice and benefits.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Bruce Clarke:
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Merry Christmas, Where Are You?

Caleb Miles

Caleb Miles has spent most of his life  traveling and performing across the US, playing a blend of folk, rock and blues. In 2005 he moved to Nova Scotia and found a vibrant, art-minded community that serves as inspiration to keep writing and performing. He  has cultivated an excellent reputation amongst both local audiences and musicians.

Sample from This Place: Caleb Miles:
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Old Man On the Porch


Chris Robison

Chris Robison is one of the most covered singer / songwriters in the Annapolis Valley. He is a multi instrumentalist and played bass for both the Hupman Brothers Band and Andy and Ariana. The last few copies of his almost sold out CD “Bad Songs” are available at the Rolled Oat Cafe in Wolfville.

Sample from This Place: Chris Robison:
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Sacred Ground


Cuckoo Moon

Cathy Arsenault and Kate Adams enjoy sharing the art of song writing and having pure fun with arrangements and harmonies.  Cathy and Kate have been performing together for over 20 years.   In 2000 Cuckoo Moon had expanded to 7 members and it was then they recorded their CD “Live at Fundy Folk”.

Sample from Let the Good New Ring: Cuckoo Moon:
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Blessed Night


Dale Petley

For many years, Dale has been a friend to Kimberly Matheson and Ruby Throated Records. He has made songwriting contributions to both, Let the Good New Ring (A Christmas Song) and This Place (Family Reunion, co-written with Bill Creese).


Deep Hollow Print (Laura MacDonald)

lauraDeep Hollow Print is an award-winning letterpress printshop and graphic design business operated by Laura MacDonald in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. (more…)

Donna Holmes

Donna Holmes operates her own administrative services business by day and is a singer-songwriter by night.  She lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and hosts an open mic every Tuesday evening at the local TAN café.  Donna also writes plays and poems and produces a variety show called Broken Leg Theatre three times a year at the Al Whittle.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Donna Holmes:
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A Christmas Story


Ellen Torrie

photo: John Robichaud

Ellen Torrie was born and raised in the quaint harbour-town of Cobourg, Ontario, where she developed her deep love for music and realized her passion for songwriting at a very young age. Ellen graduates from Acadia University tomorrow with a Bachelor of Music Therapy and is excited to explore her musicianship in Montreal post-graduation with hopes to eventually pursue a master’s degree in classical vocal performance.

Sample from Like Coming Home: Ellen Torrie: Blackwater


Heather Kelday

Heather’s soulful music is an blend of folk, bluegrass, and jazz. Her strong voice, multi-instrumental talents (including banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and piano), and lyrical passion for the natural world, carve a unique place for her in Canada’s music scene.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Heather Kelday:
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Jack McDonald

Jack is a musician and a thoughtful songwriter who has shared his music with many local musicians in every genre from Old Tyme and  Celtic to Rhythm and Blues.  Jack has two solo albums (“Domestic Acoustic” 2005 and “The Blues Was Settlin’ In” 2010) and currently fronts the three-piece band Up Dog that also features Alex Porter on drums and Kory Bayer on bass.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Jack MacDonald:
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Stuck With Christmas


Jesse Potter

Jesse Potter is both an inspiring songwriter and captivating guitarist. His original songs offer a depth of lyrical ingenuity, paired with a playful and unique guitar style. Jesse’s songs have a way of connecting to each individual as if he were playing just for them. He offers listeners a unique experience, as he shares his heart and soul with them, holding nothing back.

Sample from This Place: Jesse Potter:
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Nova Scotia Blues

John B. Main

John B. Main is a young blues piano player based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. John’s love of the blues developed from an early age, listening to legends such as Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Howlin’ Wolf.

Sample from Blues on Mainstreet: I Don’t Have You Anymore


Kimberly Matheson

For 20 years, Kimberly Matheson has been crafting songs inspired by the people, places, and events of her life. Living in Wolfville, NS, she has two collections of original songs.   – her debut album, “Never Enough, 2011 and “Just As I Am” in 20114. Presently she is completing her soon to be  released  album “Sweet Spot”.  With a pure folk-singer’s voice, Kimberly’s songs have a beautiful ring of truth and honesty.  For people who live in the Wolfville area, many of her songs also have a special appeal – they reflect us, and this special place where we live.

Sample from Never Enough: Ride that Train


Mike Aubé

With a “voice of smoke and honey”, interesting chord progressions, and an easy stage presence, Mike Aubé is an alt-folk songwriter on a mission to “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Mike Aubé:
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Jesus Christ, It’s Christmas Again


Mike Carroll

Mike is a graduate of the STFX Jazz program and has done extensive touring with Matt Andersen, Myles Goodwyn, Pogey, and many others. Currently, he can be heard playing with The Hupman Brothers Band, Tristan Legg and the Mad Dogs, Maritimes to Memphis winner Dan Doiron, and 2018 ECMA nominated jazz bassist and composer Will Paynter to name a few. In addition to his musical exploits, he is a doting daddy for his darling son, Ira.

Pete Adams

The son of a folk musician mother, and Blues/ Bluegrass musician father, Pete Adams was drawn to a variety of music genres from an early age.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Pete Adams:
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Christmas on Credit


Rebecca Fairless

Born on the prairies and raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Rebecca Fairless writes songs that encompass both the warmth and the austerity of a bright Alberta sun in a wide winter sky. Now making her home in Halifax, Rebecca works as a music therapist and sings Renaissance choral music in her spare time.

Sample from Like Coming Home: Rebecca Fairless: This River

Ryan Hupman

Most notably, Ryan Hupman is one of the two main members of the Hupman Brothers Band. His guitar playing can be heard on recordings of many artists including Ruby Throated Records folks like Mike Aubé and many others.

Sahara Jane

Sahara Jane’s original music is a unique blend of country folk with influences from Indian classical music and Sufi poetry.  She is an accomplished solo act as demonstrated in her 2012 CD, “Lonesome Sky” but is also an amazing part of such groups as Ask Your Sister (with sisters Kamila & Ariana Nasr and Andy Flinn) and Blue Lotus Trio (with Ken Shorley & Heidi Kalyani).  Sahara divides her time between India and Wolfville, but calls the Annapolis Valley home.

Sample from Let the Good News Ring: Sahara Jane:
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Christmas in Goa


Sarah McInnis

photo: John Robichaud

A singer/songwriter from Peterborough, ON, Sarah McInnis has her songwriting roots planted firmly in Canadian soil. Her passion and love for the craft are born from her desire to connect to her audience through meaningful lyrics and stories, that speak to the wider human experience.

Sample from Like Coming Home: Sarah McInnis: Bad Dreams


Sarah Pound

Sarah Pound is a growing singer-songwriter from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Her main instruments are the piano, guitar and trumpet, but she is most passionate about singing. She began writing poetry as a young girl, songs as a teenager and now has dozens of originals to her name. Sarah’s style is eclectic and is described as soul-folk with touches of jazz, blues, pop, country and bluegrass.

Sample from This Place: Sarah Pound:
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Home Grown


Scott Hupman

While being one of the better halfs of the Hupman Brothers, Scott also has provided audio engineering for every single Ruby Throated Records and Hupman Brothers product there is. On top of that, Scott has an incredible flair for supportive guitar and bass playing. He has improved the recordings of countless artists, being subtle, and very often in the background.

Scott Prudence

Scott writes for and fronts the band The Dungaree Brothers – a cultural fixture in Wolfville in the Wolfville area since the late 1980s. More recently the Dungarees collaborated with The Hupman Brothers Band on “The South Mountain Swamp Rock Opera” CD which garnered Blues Recording of the Year nominations from the ECMAs and Nova Scotia Music Week.

Sample from This Place: Scott Prudence:
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River Gonna Roll


The Hupman Brothers Band

Sample from This Place: The Hupman Brothers:

When brothers Ryan and Scott Hupman began playing in the Annapolis Valley, they were quickly recognized for their superb musicianship and soon became local favourites. Prolific songwriters, their songs borrow from blues, rock and roll, jazz, or whatever genre best presents the song. (more…)

Tracey Clements

Tracy Clements is a popular blues and soul singer in Nova Scotia. She is known for stunning live performances, often backed by the Hupman Brothers Band.

Sample from This Place: Tracey Clements:
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Coming Home, Nova Scotia